About Us

The school was founded by Rolando Gubernatis Müke who in 1973 began on Delta Wings in Wasserkuppe, near Frankfurt, Germany, when he was a college student on the career of Mechanical Engineering, Ulm. After practicing the sport along Europe until the early eighties, he visited Chile on several occasions to spread it. In 1984 he received the instructor certification in Germany by the DHV, returning to the country to teach during the summers of the time, while practicing the profession of consulting engineer in Europe.

In the early 90's, paragliding, which had been developing for some years, had become a safe discipline. It was this safeness that convinced our founder in 1991 to return to Wasserkuppe and overturn his knowledge and experience gained in the gliding towards this sport. Initially, the first classes were made in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while performing their tasks in parallel in Engineering.

On1995, he settled permanently in Chile, to create what was originally called "AndesFlying School", where he gave instruction in hang gliders and paragliders.

For 1997, the school dedicated exclusively to the teaching of paragliding and changes to its current name: Parapente Andes.

During all this time, safety has been the cornerstone of all of the pedagogy used in instruction. The students complete the course in this way, to become excellent pilots, and even instructors of this sport.