The tandem flights are exclusively leaded by the most experienced instructors of our school.

The flying areas are on the beautiful beaches of Algarrobo, or in Las Brisas, Santo Domingo, both places located at the central coastal of Chile.

On the south region of Chile, the flights take place in Pucon, over Villarica Lake in the gorgeous rainforest landscape of the area.

The requirement is simply to know the age, weight and height of the person who will do the flight and be eager to spend an unforgettable moment ..

You can, if desired, communicate directly with the instructors, Roland Gubernatis (central zone of Chile) at (56) 9230 30 33   or Julio Pablaza (south region of Chile) at (56) 9400 78 75 and coordinate the date and time through a reservation, or through our e mail

We await you !


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